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Schools & Other organizations

If you are booking a display for placement at a school, please use the contact form below.



VIPs who have purchased a VIP 4-pack and need to book their second, third, or fourth display, please use this form.


Sold OUt Dates

Only fill out a form for a sold out date, if you have already been in contact with us and have been told to fill out this form. 

Illustrated Map

Paid Delivery zone

Paid delivery zone fees will be invoiced 

Invoice Orders:

Invoices are for special circumstances only. Invoices will be emailed after completion of this form. They need to be entered manually so it will not be immediate.

Normal celebrations book through the Booking tab.

1. Lawn Letter Text: This is what will appear in the yard. List any graphics you would like to add (heart, unicorn etc.) A complete list is available here

Please check 2 boxes

If address is not correct in Google maps, please provide directions and text or email a photo of the house.


Add any instructions about where you would like the letters placed on the property.

Thanks, we'll get back to you soon!

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