North Dakota

Bismarck & Mandan's

Lawn letter greeting service!


Use the Booking tab to find out if a date is available

  • Click Booking 

  • Click the Start Here button for your desired type of display

  • Click on the date you are interested in. If it is grayed out and not clickable, then that date is unavailable.

  • If your date is unavailable, consider booking a 2 day display (May-Sept only) starting the day before

  • Payment is the last part of the booking process, so you can check availability without paying first. 

More Info

  • The earlier you are able to book, the better. Sometimes we are booked a week or more out, and sometimes there is an opening for the next day.

  • Booking is open until 6pm the night before each date. 

  • If you are a VIP, and you know all 4 of the dates you'd like, you can send us a message and we will block those off for you.

  • For October-April we will only have one display per day, these dates are filling up faster than the summer dates due to their limited availability. We will be back up to 3 displays per day after the ground is completely thawed in the spring.

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