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Letter the Lawn has welcomed me as its new owner in 2023. Rachel built a thriving business and we want to continue to help Bismarck-Mandan celebrate life's events! 

Hello! I am Meagan Sharp. I am ND native and have been in the Bismarck community since 2008. My husband and I have three active boys. We are both school teachers by trade and I quickly realized my boys were going to teach me things school could not. I have sought other ways of learning for my own children and others. While I grew up loving school, I have had to realize there is much more to life. 

I naturally seek a path less traveled and love a good adventure. We are choosing to celebrate this and all that life continues to bless us with. If you want to learn more about our personal family's story, please check out our blog: 

I started working at Letter the Lawn in December 2021 as an independent contractor. I would pick up the signs at night or install them in the morning. I loved being creative with the signs and that I could get my kids involved. It is so fun to bring joy and happiness to others through this simple sign. I enjoyed being part of this company and started brainstorming on how to expand it. Instead, I was presented with the opportunity to buy it! While I had never planned on being a business owner, I knew God had it in his plans. I had been praying about how to homeschool and still provide income. I am still passionate about learning but now see it can come through anything we do in life. I want to instill this into my children and Letter the Lawn is one way to do this! 

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